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Fishing for Families in Need

There are two main reasons why Fishing for Families in Need (F4FN) was started. The first reason was to provide  fishing clinics to socioeconomically disadvantaged children during the school year and summer. In these classes, experienced volunteers teach the children the basics of the sport of fishing. The material covered ranges widely from such practical skills as knot tying to more didactic topics, like conservation laws and safe fishing practices. We use the sport of fishing as a mechanism to engage and interest children to want to learn more about aquatic ecosystems.

At the end of the sessions often ranging 4-8 weeks, a graduation party is hosted at either a local pier, lake, or sometimes nature center depending on the location of the particular program. This special class/field trip allows the students to apply their new knowledge and have a great time with their peers and our high school and youth volunteers. This unique experience, usually a first for many of the kids, is followed by a catered meal at which certificates and new fishing equipment are gifted to each graduate. Our intent is to enhance these children’s lives by imparting on them skills and knowledge that will help them surmount obstacles and will empower them in their daily lives while also creating young ethical angers who recognize the need to safeguard and preserve our marine ecosystems well into the future.


F4FN Feeds the Hungry while Reducing Potential Waste

The second goal of the organization is to provide local soup kitchens with fresh fish from local fishing tournaments to provide a nutritious meal while hopefully reducing potential waste that can occur at these tournaments. Every year hundreds of fishing tournaments are hosted around the country and even the world, thus we have partnered with multiple fishing tournaments over the years to allow their participants to donate a portion of their catch to a local soup kitchen. Our volunteers gut, clean, and filet the fish, which is then dropped off at local soup kitchens, where it is cooked and served.

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